I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo.

I work mainly in applied ethics, and explore thorny social issues that have traditionally received little attention from philosophers.

Here is my CV. I’m @oleMMoen on Twitter.



“Checking People Out”, forthcoming in Philosophers’ Take on the News. David Edmonds (ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. (based on this blog post)

“The Case for Cryonics”, forthcoming in Journal of Medical Ethics. (official html) (official pdf) (penultimate draft)

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“Is Prostitution Harmful?”, Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (2) 2014: 73–81. (official pdf)

See responses by: Rosalind McDougall, Scott A. Anderson, Anna Westin, and Frej Klem Thomsen.

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“Book review: Iwao Hirose and Jonas Olson (eds.) ‘The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory’”, forthcoming in Philosophical Quarterly.

“An Argument for Hedonism”, forthcoming in Journal of Value Inquiry.

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See response by: David Kelley.

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Essayskriving – kort og klart. Høyskoleforlaget, 2011. (order here)